Seagrove Pottery Gallery is an outstanding location of traditional and contemporary, pottery and crafts. We feature local pottery, sculpture, glass, basketry, lawn and

garden items, and so many more things to enhance both your home and office.


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Here you will find popular selections, along

with some very distinctive designs and styles.


Seagrove Pottery Gallery is a unique place with

functional, traditional, decorative, and sculptured

pottery. The beautiful artistic pottery makes

a great purchase and gift ... as a beginning or

addition to you exclusive artistic collection.


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 website into the Seagrove Pottery Gallery, and

to see just a few of the many items of the

pottery, arts, and designs that we have to offer.


There are numerous more to see first hand

onsite while visiting, so plan your trip, and

let us be your first stop for the information

and enjoyment, of the true art of

hand-made pottery at it's finest.




Custom Made Rocking Chairs, are great and so many selections

to choose from. Take a look at all the options that we have,

and give us a call if you have any questions at all. 


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